The ASCA standards are further delineated into specific competencies by grade level (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12). These competencies specify the attitudes, skills, and knowledge that all students have acquired as a result of the comprehensive guidance and counseling program. The Guidance Curriculum Scope and Sequence Chart lists the competencies and the associated indicators by grade level, with the solid dots signifying the point the indicator is introduced. Open dots indicate that the indicator is reinforced or expanded as appropriate.

Cullman County counselors use these indicators to guide the development of their system and school guidance programs, using outcome-based measures to assess the acquisition of these competencies by all students. Indicators in yellow are introduced in grades Kindergarten through 2 nd grade, indicators in green are addressed in grades 3 through 5, indicators in blue are begun in grades 6-8, and the indicators in purple are addressed in grades 9-12. Again, the indicators from prior grade spans are reinforced as appropriate.